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Michel Rouyer,
Passionate about wine


"I built everything with my own hands"


We built our cellar and our cellar ourselves at Petit Béru, hamlet of Tonnerre. The vinification of our production is carried out by us at the estate, from the reception of the harvest to the bottling.


It is necessary to underline the dedication of Michel who thanks to his perseverance and the desire for perfection throughout these years, with a continuous work of research to improve the management of the vines. Thus, the vinification allowed to obtain typical and quality wines. Consequently, the doses of sulphites used are minimal to ensure a quality wine while preserving the health of our consumers.


We have chosen to invest in a modern stainless steel vat room to increase our production, in order to improve both workmanship and quality. Recently, we have also developed “a superior range” represented by our oak barrels in white and red. Passionate about the wine world, Emeline our daughter has chosen to take over the reins of the family estate.

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