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The vineyard

Burgundy is at the crossroads of Mediterranean influences to the south, continental to the north and oceanic influences to the west. The terroir in Burgundy is a subtle and lasting alchemy between:


  • The grape varieties A set of natural elements

  • Meteorology

    • The exposure and orientation of the vines

    • The ground and basement

  • The know-how of men



Le Tonnerrois is a Burgundy region two hours from Paris, via the southern motorway, a green area, where cereals are grown but also vines. This vine, which has been enormously renowned and appreciated since the early Middle Ages, supplied Paris. This vineyard was destroyed by phyloxera in the 19th century, then reborn at the end of the 1970s by focusing on a strict selection of terroirs and replanting of noble grape varieties.


History of the Estate

We are one of those passionate farmers. We wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of the Tonnerrois vineyard which was totally destroyed around the 1920s by phylloxera. In April 1990, Michel Rouyer planted his first vines, to obtain his first harvest 5 years later.


All our production is vinified by us at the Domaine, in a stainless steel vat room, combined with the old technique in oak barrels for some of our Pinots Noirs and Chardonnays.


Our vineyard is located entirely in the town of Tonnerre, in places called "Les Bels-Airs", this one planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and "Les Rouquins" planted only with Pinot Noir. The excellent south-eastern exposure protects our vines from the prevailing winds and directs them to the sun all year round, which gives our wines the fruitiness and minerality that are the typical characteristics of Tonnerrois wines.

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