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Bottle 75 cl.

Beautiful straw gold color. Buttery and complex note dominated by aging in wood. The palate reveals intense exotic characters (vanilla) and caramel, with good aromatic persistence.

Chardonnay AOP Bourgogne Tonnerre Oak Barrel 2020

  • Chicken escalope with cream and morels


    6 chicken escalopes from Coteau des Saveurs
    90 cl of water

    100 g of Morels and mushrooms
    1 small pot of cream
    Butter, Salt, Freshly ground pepper


    Preparation :

    1. Boil the Morels and mushrooms for 15 minutes in 50 cl of water.
    2. Brown the chicken cutlets on each side with butter until the pieces are a little golden. Salt, pepper.
    3. Rinse the Morels and mushrooms well with 40 cl of water then drain them.
    4. When the escalopes are nicely browned, add the raw crene.
    5. Add the Morels and the mushrooms to the cream and the escalopes.
    6. Leave to heat for a few minutes.

    Serve with rice or pasta.

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